Welcome to Da Angkor Guide

Welcome to Da Angkor Guide
Outstanding Hospitality Services
Da Angkor Guide has 9 years+ of experiences in hospitality and tourism, particularly in the Siem Reap area.
My team members and I are official experienced English-speaking guides with licenses recognized by the Cambodia Ministry of Tourism. We have provided private tours for more than 9 years in Cambodia, serving guests from all around the world. With a special eye to experiences off-the-beaten path, we are committed to catering to our guests’ every need so that they can enjoy the magic of Siem Reap.


    I take safety very seriously. It is my utmost priority to make my clients feel safe and comfortable while they’re in my car. Moreover, my fluent English-speaking abilities are a bonus because they will provide my clients a comprehensive tour even when we are driving to and from destinations.


    You can always rely on me to be on time. Being punctual is always one of my top qualities. I know exactly what time we should be and where we should be for the best picture-taking opportunities. I will make sure you never miss a magical moment in Siem Reap.


    I will always put your safety first. I want you to experience the beauty of Siem Reap, but only when it’s safe to do so. There is never a time where I have put someone in harm’s way at the expense of capturing a marvelous sight.

Place of Interest


Tonle Sap Lake

This lake is the biggest lake of Southeast Asia and changes every monsoon and dry season in dimension. You can rent a boat to go along the river and watch the fisherman working. It will cost you about US $20 USD for a few hours, and brings you all the way until you reach the Tonle Sap lake.

Apsara Dancing

Though this can seem like a tourist trap given the number of people offering this to you, the dancers are often talented and the dance is very much a part of modern Khmer culture. It’s and authentic, though touristy, way to see traditional Khmer performance art.

Cambodia Cultural Village

Is located on national 6 to the airport. This place is one tourist attraction. It is set up for those tourists who cannot have a lot of time to understand about the way of living of those tribal people. In there, it has collection of villages such as Wax Museum,